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I tore my rotator cuff severely and went to a doctor to see what my options were. I had only about 15 degrees range of motion, and was in pain all the time with it, and basically unable to use my right arm, and for a right-hander, that's bad. Doctor said it would take three surgeries, and perhaps I'd get half my range of motion after he looked at my MRI. I wanted a second opinion, that was NOT what I wanted to hear. So, a friend at work told me about Deb helping her immensely with her problems, and I wasted no time in making an appointment. Your mileage may vary, but in less than half an hour, Deb showed me that I had full range of motion, but only if all the parts in the shoulder were in the right place, and she was right. She worked on my shoulder several times, and the results were amazing. Skilled massage and a few ultra simple exercises, and I had full use of my arm, and still do years after my first visit to Deb. The picture shows my gratitude to Deb for giving me my life back! The arm I'm holding up is the one that the doctor said "You will never have full range of motion in that shoulder..." Thanks for proving him wrong, Deb! – Ed


Two years ago I had my lower back reconstructed....three polymer disc's put in, a fracture fixed, and an area of my lower back that had fused itself together misaligned, and had to be chiseled apart to re fuse. I did the physical therapy like I was told, but realized that wasn't helping me enough, or getting me to goals I'd set before my surgery. I contacted Debra and she explained that she could help me, as she does post surgical/injury massage. There were many days I could barely walk in to her office and I felt nothing was going to help and I'd always be uncomfortable and began feeling depressed and overwhelmed. Boy was I wrong. Debra was able to help my back so much, that I was able to hike again in the Rocky's, start back up and continue walking my dog three miles a day, and now I'm hopeful that come spring, I will be able to ride my event horse again. Debra has given me so much information and different techniques/therapy's to apply to my back that I feel my quality of life has IMPROVED at least 100%+ since I first started treatment with her. Debbie...thank you so much..... Sue

Jane Greiner PhDWith her skill and broad knowledge, Debra has given me back the full use of my body just as a torn meniscus, arthritis, a rip in my right rotator cuff and a sprained ACL threatened to take it away. Now in my 80th year, I ride a bike a half and hour or more every day and work at my business nearly full time. Debbie knows her stuff!     – Jane M. Greiner, PhD







As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia, Debra has made dramatic improvements in my quality of life.   Massage has lessened my joint stiffness and pain and allowed me to continue to live my life to the fullest!   - B.R., Centerville, OH

Prior to the being diagnosed with breast cancer I had discovered the overall health benefits of massage therapy. I enjoyed regular, but inconsistent massages. After the cancer, I was concerned about possible lymphedema complications. I began to research massage therapy as it related to lymphedema and had two of my physicians suggest it as well. I was referred to Debbie over 5 years ago after completing my treatment for breast cancer and now have a regular schedule of every other week. I have found that massage not only helps to reduce the effects of lymphedema, but it is also continues to be beneficial to my overall physical and mental health.   – B.C., Kettering, OH

I suffered horrible foot pain for years!!!   I didn't know I had plantar fasciitis until I went to see Debra. She fixed the problem and taught me how to prevent it from coming back and now I have no foot pain at all!   - M.R., Centerville, OH

Debra keeps me able to run without the severe low back pain I once had. Everyone should go to her.   – MB, Mason, OH

My doctor recommended that I see Debra for my depression and after a few treatments I started to feel better and better. I highly recommend her services.    – E.B., Beavercreek, OH