Debra Booher LMT

Benefits of Massage

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How Massage Can Help

Massage can aid in recovery from an injury or prevent an injury. Massage has also been shown to be helpful in soothing chronic back pain by reducing muscle tension and spasms and easing headaches by targeting and releasing pressure points. Research shows that massage can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, relax muscles, reduce swelling and improve range of motion.

You don't have to be an expert in massage or even know what type of massage you need to make an appointment. Debra can help you determine which treatment is best for your particular needs. The benefits of massage are far reaching.

The Rise of Massage in Healthcare

According to a recent survey commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association, nine million more people discussed massage therapy with their doctor this year than five years ago. Almost twice as many doctors recommended it to their patients this year than five years ago among those who discussed it with their doctors. Nearly half of all chiropractors and physical therapists recommend massage.

Who Gets Massage

25 million more Americans each year are getting massage today than they did 10 years ago. The number of people who received a massage in the last year has doubled since 1997. Increasingly, Americans are looking to massage therapy for medical reasons such as injury recovery, pain reduction, headache control and overall health and wellness. We are increasingly responsible for our own health care and Debra feels blessed to have the opportunity to help you find relief for whatever it is you are facing.